How Big is Your Faith?

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No matter how big or small your faith may be right now, know that God is with you.

We WILL make it through this quarantine. Our lives will forever be changed by this experience, but life will get better. A mustard seed may start off teeny tiny but then, with some time and care, it grows into a beautiful tree. Cultivate your faith. Lean on God during this time and He will restore your faith.

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Do You Need A Miracle?

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Yes!! The world needs a BIG miracle. We need our lives to be restored. We need Covid-19 to be wiped from this planet.

I pray that we can go back to leaving our homes without fear of infection. I pray that we can pay our bills. I pray that schools, churches, businesses, and companies would be reopened. I pray that we can socialize with our friends and family in person.

Most importantly, I pray that a cure or vaccination will be found soon and lives will be protected. Pray with me, friends. Pray for the world’s restoration.

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Where Is God?

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Quarantine doesn’t have to mean isolation. With God and His peace, quarantine can be an opportunity to find solace in the solitude. God is with us during this trying time and, with His strength, we can make it through this trial.

Nothing can separate us from God. Not Covid-19. Not losing your job. Not the overwhelming sense of stress and fear. God is with us.

I pray you find comfort in God’s Word today.

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Can You Brave the Storm?

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When will this quarantine end? When can we go back to our regular lives? When can we hug our families and friends again?

We are all facing a storm currently, a storm of uncertainty and fear, but fear not. God is with us. He is our foundation. Focus on the silver lining: Hopefully this time at home means more opportunities to get closer to God. I pray that God will bring you strength, comfort, and wisdom as we navigate the future for our families and ourselves in this storm.

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How Do You Stay Safe?


God is good ALL the time. In the hard times, He is our shelter. When we feel weak and afraid., He is our strength.

We are living in uncertain times, seemingly cut off from one another and our normal routines because of Covid-19 and the pandemic. There are so many unknowns but God is our constant through it all. Do not fear; God is with us.

There is a blessing in this situation somewhere. Hold onto HOPE. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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